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Munro American Shoes from Amazon

Don Munro established Munro Company, Inc., in 1972. It was the successor to New Hampshire-based Connors & Hoffmann Footwear Company’s southern division, which Don set up in 1960 and managed for 12 years. It consisted of three shoe manufacturing plants, all in Arkansas, manufacturing great fitting, comfort shoes for the private label market.

To create new distribution channels and serve new customers, Munro & Company established its own group of brands. In 1984, Munro women’s brand, now known as Munro American, was started, and in 1986, the Child Life company was acquired. Later, in 1991, Munro Company purchased controlling interest in Jumping Jacks Shoes, of Monett, Mo., and today owns 100% of this leader in the children’s shoe industry.

Munro Company, Inc. consists of 3 manufacturing facilities and a distribution center, all in Arkansas.The Munro Family, encompassing immediate family members, staff, and the entire workforce, remains committed to its customers with quality shoes that are made in America, and one of the largest selections of sizes and widths in the footwear industry.

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